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Wendy Brookhouse - Black Star Group - Distinctive Women

“Our promise to you: Do what is right, not what is easy.”

You’re in the financial industry, but you started a grassroots organization called Queen Pins. What’s that about?
Queen Pins is all about powerful women helping powerful women. We raise funds for a local cause whilst networking with other powerful women. But we don’t just network; we get out there and make business and personal connections. We believe it’s just as important to give back to the community. I also serve on the Board of Directors for Junior Achievement of Canada.

You’re known as a truly innovative thinker for recognizing the gap in the financial planning marketplace.
You could say that. The key to staying positive and always moving forward is to revisit and connect to your ‘why.’ My ‘why’ is to change the lives of one million people. By remembering the positive change I’ve been able to effect in people’s lives through simplifying their financial situation, I can stay true to my purpose. So, I show people how to have a life today that is rich and fulfilling, while still planning for an amazing tomorrow.

What is One Number Solution™?
This is a 360-degree approach to financial wellness. The impact that this system is making in the lives of professional women and their families is profound. By reducing the overwhelming burden of having too many things to think about and showing a clear way to achieve their goals, clients can be more present and engaged with their family and work.

You have a lot going on — is there a mantra that ties it all together?
I have a few mantras I live by, including: ‘Do what is right, not what is easy.’ I also believe in continuous improvement and innovation.

Have you faced many obstacles on your journey?
My biggest obstacle in my business is when I don’t have clarity around my vision and how I’m going to implement it; it’s an impediment to growth. The most vital component is being able to pivot as new methods or ways to execute on the vision become apparent.

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