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Michele Soregaroli - Distinctive Women - Vancouver


Business Coach | Leading Differentation Coach | Transformation Specialist | BA | CIM | MCC


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Michèle Soregaroli - Transformation Catalyst - Distinctive Women

“Small steps climb mountains.”


You’ve been an entrepreneur for more than 30 years in sales, real estate and financial advisory services. You must have had setbacks, as failure is key to success. How do you stay positive?
“Big successes don’t happen overnight. They take time and they tend to be incremental, so much so that we sometimes don’t feel that much is changing. This lack of perspective can be discouraging when things aren’t going in your favour. Making it a habit to reflect on past successes, where you have been, what you have achieved, and where you are now, is just as important as feeling the pull of a powerful purpose and an inspiring vision.”




As a woman entrepreneur, what is your number one go-to advice?
“That’s easy! Don’t think too much. Trust your gut. Believe it’s possible. Have faith that you can do it. Plan, and then get into action as soon as you can. The longer you stay in the ‘thinking-about-it’ stage, the harder it gets and the longer it takes to create the results you want. The delay of getting into action is what kills many entrepreneurial ventures.”

You coach entrepreneurs online. More broadly, what challenges do you see women in business facing?
“The greatest obstacle for me has been about maintaining a sense of financial safety and security, which I think is a really common challenge for women. I believe that we tend to have a biological orientation towards ‘nesting’ and creating security for ourselves and our loved ones, and that need for security can often translate into a fear of loss. This lingering and persistent fear means that finding the courage to take bold, game-changing risks can be challenging.”

How do we manage that fear?
“Mindset. I call it the Confidence Cycle.

This is a model that I have built to support our clients in having a clear perspective while they are on their growth trajectory. Know where you are in the cycle and when you feel stuck or fearful, and identify the next phase so that you can shift your current state and advance your objectives.”

Where do women land in this cycle?
“Women tend to lack confidence more than men. They think confidence Is required to take bold action. They think, ‘I’m not ready.’ But, as the Confidence Cycle shows, confidence is the result of having the courage to do something, even though you’ve never done it before. And you can’t successfully transition from belief to action unless you first make that pledge to yourself and are fully committed to taking courageous action.”

Finally, what’s your advice for women dealing with men in business?
“Be strong. Own your worth – that’s appreciated by men in business. Don’t read into the things that others say and do. If you take them at face value, it’s a lot easier to work with them. I do a lot of clarifying. With men, that’s important, because we tell ourselves stories, and very often they’re not true.”

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Happy Customers Say This About Transformation Catalyst Corp.

Michèle is a 5 star coach and consultant. As a Vice President, I lead a team at a Fortune 100 company practicing in commercial real estate. I engaged with Michele early in 2019 and she first clearly defined what my objectives were. Her dedication to achieving those objectives were present at all times in our work together. The work that we completed together made a tangible difference in the approach and execution of my business. She effectively presented insights and information which were relevant to the construction of a clearly defined plan of action with communication mechanisms for both my team and clients. 

Michèle continues to support my team and I in our pursuit of business excellence and I would highly recommend her to small and large businesses alike. 

Brendan Sullivan, Vice President, Fortune 100

Commercial Real Estate Company

“Michèle’s work with me over the past two years helped me with the direction for the next level of my company’s business growth. To say it was successful would be an understatement.  My increased clarity supported me to generate a 60% increase in revenues (which I am continuing to grow this year), while focusing more on the parts of my work that I love, that truly inspire me.

I’m having more fun, being more productive and have less stress, in large part, due to Michèle’s support and guidance.

Thank you for your wit, your wisdom, and for providing the tools I needed to see what was next for me!

Michael Walsh

Business Strategist