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Melany Goodhue - Pulse Wealth Management - Distinctive Women

“To protect you financially from whatever life throws your way and to help you give yourself the retirement you’ve always dreamed of, while still doing the things you love today.”   Melany Goodhue

Melany, as a financial planner, you help people navigate risk to get their money working for them. What’s the biggest risk you’ve ever taken?
“Eight years ago, I sold everything and moved to Halifax to figure out my life. I had nothing and no one there for me. It was incredible. Career wise, I’m very proud to have built a successful business by helping clients achieve financial goals they never thought possible.”  Melany Goodhue



Women are still in the minority in your industry. How do men versus women differ as investors?
“With money, women are a different breed than men. Women are inherently protective and have the mothering instinct. We want to do the right thing and sleep well at night so that when life sends us lemons, we’re okay. Men tend to have bigger egos and that can compromise a financial plan. I know there are a lot of couples where the guys care about putting their money into aggressive growth and they don’t think about risk. Women like to know that, yes, they’re going to experience growth, they’re focused on that, but they are also looking for that element of safety as well. As Warren Buffet says, ‘Rule one is never lose money. Rule two is never forget rule one.’ Protecting what you have is crucial to growing your wealth.” Melany Goodhue

If men approach investing differently, do they also view you differently?
“Well, there is still a bias, it’s still a male-dominated industry. Fortunately, people approach me because they like me as a woman and it’s often a businesswoman who first reaches out.  Sometimes the husband’s ego thinks he knows better, so we must have the conversation – ‘If you’ve hired me, isn’t it because you want expert advice?”  

What’s so different about what you do over your competitors? 

“I have a five-step planning process that takes about 3 months to complete and 40 hours of my time. At the end, clients get a 30 to 60-page financial plan. Most competitors do not offer that. My husband has also developed an exclusive expenses and savings tracker software to eliminate unconscious spending and maximize cash flow. Those two things set me apart. People have a lot less stress and more money after they work with me because of the tools and support we provide.”  Melany Goodhue

You started your business four years ago and you’ve already been nominated for the Businesswomen of the Year Awards. What other mountains do you want to conquer in five years? 
“I am working on opening an office with a full financial team: a mortgage broker, wills and estate lawyer, business lawyer, accountant and bookkeeper. I don’t want just anyone; I want relationships that will last and people who are what they say they are. I will own the building, but everyone will own their own business. I want a place where a client can walk in and we’re all there. Lots of people talk about doing something like this, but no one has done it – at least not yet!”  Melany Goodhue

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