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Lynn Bennett - Leadership Intelligence Inc - Distinctive Women

“Our passion is people; our purpose is performance.”

Lynn, you’ve helped countless businesses and organizations grow their leaders and teams. What’s your secret?
Although I don’t have any employees, I’m not a one-woman show. I’ve built a community who work with me, to respond to clients’ needs. The way that I differentiate is that I blend coaching, consulting, learning and development together. I listen to what a client is talking about and then I shape it to address their specific needs. As a result, I have returning clients and they refer me to others.

What gratifies you most about your work with clients?
Seeing the difference I’ve made — seeing clients grow, shift and achieve real results. A client once said to me, “I’ve never thought about how I am as a leader before, but after working with you, I get it. Now, as a leader, I focus on being in the question vs. having the answer and from there with my team we can figure it out.. I take a ‘leadership stance.’ It’s completely changed me; it’s freed me.” Hearing those words was very gratifying, because it means she and the generation of leaders she is developing are thriving.

Would you say that creating tomorrow’s leaders is your passion?
Yes! That’s it. I’ve worked with seasoned senior executives, in large organizations, with all different kinds of teams, bringing together the best of my management consulting and coaching practice. By combining all my experience, I don’t just do one thing. I provide clients with a deep, powerful and highly customized experience focused on team development and coaching, management consulting and group facilitation.

Ultimately, what do you see as the driver for building functional teams?
Through we have been forming teams throughout history, few of us really don’t know how to work in teams. And it’s not surprising. It’s part of the human condition that we need to be seen and accepted as individuals first and as team members we are required to ‘share power.’ But when teams form, we have no clue if that will be realized. Regardless of the generation, it’s a skill to wade in and negotiate those waters. That’s what I do. I want to be recognized as an expert in helping teams thrive versus survive.

Where do you see yourself in five years?
When the time comes, I don’t want to retire. I just want to do things differently. I’m passionate about working with teams and team leaders, which is a different take on consulting and coaching. This pivot brings together all my experience. I’m looking forward to pursuing that.

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