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“Like, Respect and Trust.”

You have been working with each other in business for more than 18 years. As sisters, how do you make that work?
For us, it’s been a wonderful experience. We’ve grown to a group of four over the last year, and although it’s a tough time of learning, we’ve had some fun along the way. Our team is called the Hay Sisters Wealth Advisory Group because we each contribute different views and talents, all to the benefit of our clients, as we guide them through life’s pitfalls and surprises towards their financial goals. Every person and every family is different, so it’s important to be able to see scenarios from many points of view, to point out potential obstacles or benefits that perhaps aren’t necessarily apparent. That comes with a combined 50 years of experience, and an outlook that is both conservative and entrepreneurial, traditional and artistic. We never lose sight of the great responsibility we have towards our clients.

Reading your mantra — like, respect and trust — it feels like that came from your relationship with your clients.
Exactly. It started out as our description of how we want our clients to feel about us and vice versa. Without those three pillars, there is no relationship and no foundation to work from.

Looking around, who would you say is your biggest inspiration in business?
Honestly, this is a tough question. Just one? Really, there are so many great inspirations for us: each other and both of our parents were and are inspirations. They embodied a great combination of kindness, empathy, steely strength and tenacity. We also gain inspiration every day when we choose to see positive in both strangers and the people around us, especially when they don’t realize that anyone is watching.

The financial industry, especially in Alberta, has undergone some pretty significant upheavals. What’s been the biggest challenge you’ve worked through?
The biggest? The past five years have been the most tumultuous years for us, both personally and professionally. The biggest change has been the illness and death of our Dad. His strength and selfless attitude reinforced what is truly important in relationships both personal and professional, and it’s caused us to want to simplify life and concentrate on positive endeavors.

Any last piece of advice for other women in business?
Don’t be afraid to fail. Women tend to talk themselves out of opportunities that are available because we’re unsure or maybe don’t fit the qualifications exactly. Go for it!

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T: 403.299.8620 (Lynda)
T: 403.216.2046 (Allison)

Pictured, from left: Allison Hay, Lynda Hay
Photographer: Kirstey Jane

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