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Lorraine Moore - Accelerate Success - Distinctive Women

“I hold people’s feet to the fire.”

After a full career working in major corporations, you branched out to become an entrepreneur in your own right about five years ago. How has that experience been?
My life is amazing! And yes, after 29 years in Fortune 500 companies, I became an entrepreneur. I advise clients, speak to audiences across North America and have two commercially published books. My latest book is: The 360 Degree, CEO, Generating Profits while Leading and Living with Passion and Principles. Both are available on Amazon.

How would you describe what you do?
In a word, transformation. I contribute to the transformation of entrepreneurs, senior executives and their teams. I am a strategic advisor and I bring innovative ideas to address complex business challenges. It’s really leadership development at a strategic level with a personalized approach. I bring learnings and successes from a variety of industries and organizations across the continent.

You are an author, an inspiring speaker and coach: do you have a specific demographic you face regularly?
Yes. Generally speaking, I advise mid-career business owners, CEOs and executives on their most pressing strategic issues. My clients range from small businesses to Fortune 500 and they originate from many industries. I am often called upon to speak or advise on creating a culture of accountability.

But is there one group that inspires you more than others, that flame your passion for what you do?
Without question, it’s the millennials. They inspire me to question my established beliefs and recognize some of my biases. Their idealism, eye to the future and hope for an ever-better world is something I want to mirror. I also contribute a sizeable portion of my profits to furthering the education of girls and female entrepreneurs across the world.

If you were to give young millennial entrepreneurs — particularly women — some well-earned advice, what would it be?
There are a few things I’d say! Whether an entrepreneur or an employee, don’t let mistakes or the opinions of others sideline you from what you believe is possible. Keep pursuing your goals and stay aligned to your values. Think of your career and life as a quilt constructed of many colours, patterns and textures. You will experience many changes and encounter some disappointments along the way. If not, truly it would be boring. Hopefully, most of it will be fun and interesting. Release regrets — they are a heavy and unnecessary burden.

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