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“Good, better, best; never let it rest until your good is better and your better is the best!”


You are now a successful Realtor in Halifax, but you were a single mother for the earlier part of your career. How did you handle the challenges that presented?
“Yes, I started when my oldest was six and, in the beginning, it was tough. I had to balance making sure he was getting his mommy time and that I was being efficient. Now, I have a second baby, but my husband is a stay-at-home parent.”

You deal with a lot of military posting sales and purchases, so there would have been last minute showings. How did you handle that balancing act?
“I just made things work. I never advertised that I was a single mom because no matter how hard we work, being a single mom doesn’t always translate as professionally as it should. What people saw professionally in me was a driven person gaining momentum.”

It sounds like you really succeeded because you were intentional in how you approached work and life.
“That’s very true, actually. I didn’t give myself the option to fail. I didn’t have a safety net. My parents were supportive, and they were nearby to help, but I was out there on my own and the bills kept coming. The option was, ‘figure it out.’ If there was a lesson I could share, it would be to understand that you are strong enough. Never use your kid as a reason you can’t do something. You just have to make it work for you.”  

That’s so inspiring because we really do use circumstances as excuses not to try. Is there a role model who taught you that?
“My mom. She raised five kids with my father, who was military and often gone for long periods of months. My mom was very much the military wife and that’s not much different from being a single mom. When Dad was away, she always made it work. There was always a way, so we didn’t miss out on much. She also taught me a lot – her favourite saying was and is, ‘Poor planning on your part doesn’t make an emergency on mine.’ [Laughs] She is an incredibly strong woman and I hope to be half the woman she is one day.”

Getting back to military postings, is there anything you learned from that world that translates to general real estate clients?
“Military postings have a fast turnaround. The process has changed over the past few years, but when people come into town, they may never have been here before. I coach them through that phase and figure out which community they should be in for their needs. That’s as important as price point. In that regard, it’s very similar to the process of understanding what any client needs. Any move is worth planning properly for the best result.”

Finally, do you have any final piece of advice?
Don’t let anything hold you back – a lot of barriers are mental. Set your sights on what you want and figure out how to get there.”

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