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“I’m here to ensure your financial fitness.” 
Heather Borrelli

As an experienced investment advisor, what is a theme you see coming up, especially for women dealing with their finances?
Although it’s changing, women have historically not been that proactive in handling their own finances, especially if they are, or were, married. So, there’s a real educational opportunity that needs to take place, to empower women to take charge and overcome what can be an intimidating conversation. As a result, my passion is problem solving and alleviating anxiety related to money and retirement, especially for women.

 Heather Borrelli

Finish this sentence. “I want to be…”
I want to be the advisor of choice to strong, successful women. I want to have helped more and more women to be confident and less anxious about making financial decisions. I want to be the woman behind the woman who is ultimately confident in her financial position. Heather Borrelli

You’ve achieved so much in life to date, what lies ahead for you?
I’m not sure how to answer this one. Essentially, my job is to simplify a client’s life by managing all aspects of her financial wellbeing, from investments and insurance to tax and estate planning. I pull in advice and input from a team of professionals, like lawyers, tax accountants and financial analysts, so the overall result is very robust and reassuring to my clients. So, what lies ahead? I feel like the best is yet to come, especially for the women I help.

In the years you’ve been an advisor, how have attitudes towards women in the industry changed?
The bias is definitely changing. I have several male clients who prefer to deal with a woman. As a woman, I hear things differently than my male counterparts. I also understand the anxiety that comes with making financial decisions. I strive to make my office a safe place to ask any question that might be on my clients’ minds.  Too often, we feel dumb asking questions about things that we are worried about. I always tell my clients that I would prefer to hear things directly from them, either good or bad.  The worst thing would be for a client to leave the office with unanswered questions and feeling insecure. Heather Borrelli

You have a family, you’re into fitness and a healthy lifestyle. What else is your passion?
I’m passionate about helping individuals and their families with their financial fitness. I want to help every step of the way and take the guesswork out of the process.


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