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Tanya Wttewaall, Senior Mortgage Agent – AMP™, BComm | Belmor Mortgage Corp., Residential – Commercial – Private | Calgary, Alberta, Canada

T: 403.282.0215


"Believe in the Power of YES!"

Your mantra is 'Believe in the Power of Yes.' How did you formulate that?
I live in the present — knowing every moment that I have enough; I am enough. Good days or bad days are just moments. And, if an opportunity comes my way, I say YES to it, in case it never comes back. YES empowers me to choose spontaneity over routine.

That's an interesting philosophy. What happens when you have setbacks?
I don't attach a story or sense of self-worth to it. If the situation is not under my control, I let it go. For my clients, I always set the expectations right away so if circumstances arise, they are prepared for it. I also rely on my support system — my business coach who keeps me focused and accountable, and my husband who is a realtor.

A little bird told us you were a very shy child. How did you overcome that to end up with 17 years in the real estate industry?
I made cold calls — excruciating. I literally took out the White Pages (remember those?) and would randomly call people. Every weekend, I would visit open houses, drop off marketing materials and ask the realtors out for coffee. I was 23, so they thought I was inexperienced. I had a lot of growing pains, but I kept at it. Once you get momentum, every process gets easier. Now I speak at seminars and workshops.

Of all the lessons you now share, what are the most important?
Thrive on change. Attend conferences, seminars, industry events — anything that keeps you up to date. Be an innovator for your clients. Network. Get out there at least once a week to meet industry members.

What did life look like before mortgages?
My husband and I ran a dating company! That's right — we set up people on dates! He is my best friend. We now have two beautiful daughters. I was and still am a squash player, sailor and artist.

Photographer: Steve Speer