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Sue Norton | Alcea Technologies Inc. | Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

T: 877.321.4463
C: 613.850.2727



"Own your inner badass."

Sue, you've been the CEO of Alcea Technologies in Ottawa for more than 20 years. This is a male-dominated industry, so what has been the hallmark of your success?
I have led my software company to growth and success by being a strong and compassionate leader. I have mentored and coached countless individuals to give them more confidence in their businesses. My company creates and sells a software platform for risk management, issue tracking and HelpDesk management. Recently, we collaborated with a cyber security firm and will soon be offering a complete cyber security solution, including consulting and our cutting-edge RiskMgr software tool.

You're also involved in philanthropy, like Women for a Humane Canada, and you run a self-defense seminar called Own Your Inner Badass. Where did all this female empowerment come from?
It came from the realization over the past few years that I wanted to use my experience in business, as a female CEO in a male-dominated tech world, along with my personal experience of changing adversity to success, to empower women to be self-confident. Sharing my personal stories of overcoming adversity is key to this new direction. More recently, I have been preparing myself for a different spin — to also be an inspirational speaker and coach. I am also publishing a book later this year, showcasing how I used my personal adversities to make my life successful and happy.

What would be your message or mantra through all of that?
I want to inspire women to overcome adversity and become more confident, to empower them to achieve confidence in their business, their body and especially their mind.

So, it seems like you're always on the move, creating, thinking, leading and teaching. How do you define success?
Success is hard work at your chosen profession and a mindset that refuses to let negative experience rule the rest of your life. It's also about learning to put yourself out there without guilt or fear. As female entrepreneurs, we must work a little harder to gain respect, and to quell that nurturing voice that wants to help everyone before we help ourselves. Achieving and maintaining strength and power of the mind and body is important too.

What are your two best pieces of advice?
That's easy. Number one is to learn to say no, which is tough for women to do. Number two is that it's okay to love money because it buys us the ability to live the life we want. We should never feel bad about that!

Photographer: Lindsey Gibeau