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Sandra Leigh | Sandra Leigh Incorporated | Toronto, Ontario, Canada

T: 416.301.3399


"Discover who you're meant to be in life, love and at work."

You have more than 25 years of expertise in coaching people on their self, romantic connections and business relationships. What fuels your passion?
I love being a catalyst for others to re-ignite and pursue their passion and purpose in life. I came to this through my own experiences as a child, with a fear of abandonment and in experiencing betrayal. I went through divorce and challenging times with my kids, and a lifetime of building self-worth. I was able to build a personal foundation which gave me strength, confidence and conviction. Through self-awareness, educating myself, resiliency and resourcefulness, I have been able to guide many of my clients with similar experiences and I am passionate about sharing those insights with others.

You've impacted thousands of people. Do you still have a bucket list?
I do! I have a new book coming out in 2018 called Sparks: Re-igniting Your Relationship. In 2019, I'll be offering more self-development products. Within five years, I want to be speaking more internationally and conducting retreats. And I want to have had three books published!

You are deeply respected in your industry. Is that your greatest achievement?
It is, in a way. I'm prouder of helping thousands of people discover their strengths and ideal path. Their achievements are my achievements and I love when they reach out to me years later to share their continued successes.

Have you faced gender bias?
I have never felt a glass ceiling, to be honest, either when I worked in a corporate setting or as an entrepreneur. I believe that when you build your expertise in an area you're passionate about, the doors open, and you meet minds ready to be inspired.

If someone introduced you at a meeting, what would they say?
Sandra is a passionate thought leader in the field of relationship intelligence. She helps individuals achieve their goals in life, love and work through connected relationships.

Photographer: John Trigiani