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Nancy Nicks, CPA, CA | Hendry Warren LLP | Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

T: 613.235.2000


"My passion is working with people to help them achieve their goals."

As an accountant, how do you help others?
We help our clients in many ways, whether it's buying a new business and growing it, selling an existing business to new owners or passing it on to the next generation to allow for a successful retirement, or working with them to build wealth and minimize income taxes.

It sounds like you have a family-focused approach. Is that the case?
Definitely. Our business operates on fairness. There is a great deal of collaboration in the partnership group, which sets the tone for the rest of our team. Our people help and mentor each other. Life is happening in the background when you're running a business people get married and have children, become ill, relationships fail, children have problems at school. Our philosophy has been to support others when they require assistance, because our need will surely arrive one day.

Is there a greatest achievement you have or are aiming for?
In a public accounting practice, the goal is often to reach partnership, which is certainly a wonderful achievement. I was very proud to be invited into the partnership group at Hendry Warren. Once you achieve that goal, the focus becomes helping clients to achieve their goals and giving back to the community. An area I am focusing on currently is mentoring a talented group of young professionals at our firm. It is enormously rewarding, watching them develop and become the future leaders of our team.

Okay, what about a greatest achievement for your clients?
This past year I have helped several clients transition their businesses. Seeing how happy my client is to have their deal completed, and to be part of that successful closing, is a great feeling and keeps me coming in to the office every day.

As a woman accountant, what is the temperature of the industry when it comes to gender bias?
The accounting profession has come a long way over the past 25 years. Women represent close to 50 per cent of the talent, although not at the partnership level. But for many years, Hendry Warren's partnership group was 50 per cent female and we were very proud of that stat. Time away from the office to have a family remains a challenge for talented young professional women. Our partnership group is working to improve work-life integration for our team. We will be challenging the status quo over the next few years to create opportunities for talented women seeking partnership. We are confident we can find a way to help them succeed.

Photographer: Lindsey Gibeau