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Michelle Doucette | Michelle Doucette Photography | Halfiax, Nova Scotia, Canada

T: 902.488.4098


"I've lived in other provinces and countries, but I'm a proud Maritimer! I see stories in all aspects of the East Coast and I'm moved to share them through my photography."

As a photographer, you have a unique perspective on the world. How does that translate to your work?
I look at the world in a new way every day. How can I visually communicate an idea in a more creative way? How can I learn from someone else's point of view? It's a practice of mindfulness that keeps me grounded.

We all face speedbumps in business. What's your strategy?
Growing a business is a series of successes and failures. I value both equally. Some days just don't go as planned, so I take a break and try again the next day. Being a creative entrepreneur is tough, emotionally, so on a tough day I just take some time to work on a personal project. Challenges often push me to find a better way forward.

What's your biggest obstacle?
Finding my own creative voice. Learning new business and technical skills along the way. I dedicate a significant amount of time to professional development and education. As I build on my confidence, my unique voice as storyteller shines through.

Photography is really about relationships, isn't it?
Yes. Building meaningful relationships is the most important step in growing my business. I take the time to know people personally; it helps them feel comfortable and confident in our photoshoots. I also share a studio space with other photographers and we all support each other. My best professional opportunities have come from the relationships I've built.

You started your business in 2007, but what's your side hustle?
East Coast Food Stories. They're stories that celebrate the way food connects us to our surroundings and each other. Inspired by the seaside lifestyle and the memories we make while gathered at the table, I document food culture in celebration of the traditions and innovations of people who are passionate about food.

Photographer: Lyndsay Doyle