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Lynn Ferron | HOK | Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

T: 613.683.1807


"We are no longer designing environments — we are designing the experience."

As the Principal Interior Designer at HOK in Ottawa, what gets you excited?
Creating interior architectural spaces that inspire. Organizations must create human-centric solutions that empower and engage, acting as energizing hubs for a company's workforce. By creating environments that support well-being and engagement, we can drive innovation and productivity.

That doesn't sound like cookie-cutter interior design. What's happening in your industry?
Good question. We are witnessing the evolution of the place, and design can be a powerful tool in that endeavor. We are living in a time where we balance what designers have always done well — the art of design — with the emerging science of design. There is a heightened awareness that the most valuable assets are people; they are the reason we create space in the first place. We need to design with courage to define the next generation of great places if we plan to refine and transform the way we work, live, learn and play.

It sounds like you're an innovator and pioneer. What's your career path been like?
I was blessed to become HOK's first interior designer and female professional in the Ottawa office to be promoted to Principal, Practice Leader, in 2015. The team I manage is 90 per cent women. I can coach them from a woman's perspective. I fully believe that's an advantage. My advice is to never try to imitate a man. Why not differentiate yourself rather than blend into a sea of navy and black suits?

That's a long way from Val-Caron, near Sudbury, where you grew up.
(Laughs). Yes, it is! I spent my youth outdoors, climbing trees, riding my bicycle, swimming, sliding, cross-country skiing with my mom and blueberry picking. I'm a runner, too: I was inspired by Terry Fox when he came through Sudbury on his Marathon of Hope. Since my first Terry Fox Run, I have used running as a philanthropic tool to help others.

Finish this sentence. In five years, I will be …
Travelling more! One of life's greatest sources of inspiration is traveling to unique destinations, discovering cultures, people, architecture and history. I look forward to continued success at HOK with a fabulous team of talented professionals and perhaps allowing myself a small luxury of more time dedicated to discovering this amazing world.

Photographer: Lindsey Gibeau