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Kirstey Jane | Super Corporate People | Calgary, Alberta, Canada

T: 403.542.3613


"Confidence transformation through empowering images."

You aren't just a photographer … it seems like you're more of a life coach who empowers clients through their own image.
Yes, that's spot on. I have a passion for people. Through capturing their most empowered self, I help them 'get out of their own way,' to be their best versions of themselves. I particularly love to work with people who are camera phobic, because the transformations are always so huge! This passion goes through everything I do, because I also write, speak and offer workshops on empowering people to connect better with themselves and others in order that they can live and express themselves freely.

What is the process and thinking behind your approach?
I seek to understand, create a level of total honesty and then make things simple so people can find objectivity and act, rather than be stifled by fear and emotion. I do this in every single area of my life; it's who I am. I am passionate about transformation to a better place.

Would that be your greatest achievement?
Absolutely! I'm making a living doing what I love, whilst having the time and flexibility to raise two awesome daughters.

That ability to connect with people — is that from being a photographer or a female photographer?
The difference between male photographers and myself is that, in my experience, they're focused on technicalities and equipment. My focus is always on the connection with the subject. It creates non-creepy intimacy (laughs) and trust very quickly.

But to the larger question, and I know this is going to be controversial, I've never viewed myself as a woman doing a job. I've always viewed myself as a human who connects and relates to both men and women equally. I just do what I need to do. Frankly, I don't allow myself to be limited by the labels of others. I don't put myself in a box. I don't think women need to be empowered: People need to empower themselves, period. If everyone would just work on themselves and be the best version of who they truly are instead of comparing themselves to others, we wouldn't have an uprising of people forcing their opinions on others.

So, what's your endgame?
In five years, I'd want total freedom to be working remotely from wherever I choose with who I want, when I want and how I want. I have big plans in the works … and they involve warmer climates!!

Photographer: Kirstey Jane