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Dee Davidson, RN, President | Complete Care Coordination | Montreal, Quebec, Canada

T: 514.697.2273


"At Complete Care, you're a person first, a patient second."

Dee, you started Complete Care in 2000 and you've been a geriatric nurse since 1991. What is the number one thing learned in that time?
The most important thing I learned was not to use the symptoms or disease to identify the person. Frequently, you hear patients being labeled by their illness, as in "the diverticulitis case," but that's not who they are or how their family sees them, and it's certainly not how we define them.

Your patients are in end-of-life care with sometimes multiple health issues. What is it that you enjoy about the work?
The best part of the job is meeting new clients, doing the assessment, organizing a care plan, working with the families and developing a rapport. For me, it's about taking the time to really get to know our clients, then helping the families navigate the next few years without losing themselves to worry and exhaustion.

What is the key to staying positive and always moving forward?
Ironically, it's realizing that we all have a finite amount of time here on earth; aging and death are inevitable processes, so being able to provide care and dignity to someone in their final days or weeks is very gratifying. We may not know the exact day they will die, but we can control the quality of care they receive until that day. Also, by managing the details of a patient's care needs, we lift some of the burden from the families, allowing for normalcy in their relationship and removing the strain caused by the illness.

We talked about the positives. What is one of the biggest obstacles you face?
Our biggest challenge is also our most critical task: matching a caregiver with a client. Obviously, we must match skill sets to a client's needs, but just as importantly, we must also look for social compatibility. We are each unique in our preferences, so finding a caregiver whose personality complements a client's goes a long way to putting them at ease, and ultimately providing the best care possible.

What is the most vital component to growing a business?
You need to develop a pay-it-forward mentality. It's really critical to spend time with people and really listen to their concerns in order to develop relationships built on a foundation of trust. Accessibility is also very important; in this industry, a crisis doesn't always happen during a 9 – 5 work period. That's why we are dedicated to earning our clients' faith and confidence by always being there for them whenever they may need us.

Photographer: Lindsay Kennell