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Carley Schelck | The Urban Element | Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

"Making a difference in my community."

          For the past ten years, Carley Schelck has taken the 'fooducation' of Ottawa seriously.
          Through the urban element — an event space that combines cooking classes and food literacy — Carley has helped shape the taste buds of the National Capital. Now, she’s going even further.
          Already teaching at the local college and offering culinary kids' camps, she is joining forces with local chefs, farmers and schools to creating a sustainable ‘growing up green’ program. It will see children take part in growing and preparing their own food.
         "It's about connecting ourselves back to the simple stuff and combining social enterprise with the entrepreneurial mindset. We’re giving equal access to kids of all backgrounds. What they take away from this will help them in future."
          And thanks to a strong team, which will be partnering with a second location in Val-des-Monts, Quebec, Carley says she’s able to pursue her passions.
          "I want to make a difference beyond the four walls of my business."

Photographer: Michelle Valberg

T: 613.722.0885