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Andrea Carter | Wealthy Woman Warrior™ | Toronto, Ontario, Canada

T: 647.725.4305


"It's the conversations happening in the privacy of your own mind that powerfully change the trajectory of your life."

We love the name of your company — Wealthy Woman Warrior™. It speaks so much to the strength women see in themselves. What is it about?
I agree! It's an online training centre for women using proven principles that unlock potential in five areas of competency: mindset, communication, financial literacy, sales and technology. It was designed with professional women's challenges in mind so that you never feel like you're trading your personal life for professional time, but finally receive the relevant tools and training women need today to reach their potential.

So, what gets you out of bed and excited to start your day?
My mission to empower one million women by 2025 has given me such passion, dedication and persistence. There are challenges in everyone's life, but the more we can empower women with tools to succeed personally, professionally and financially, the more we can create purposeful, happy, wealthy and healthy circles of influence. There is nothing greater than that.

To be a leader, you must fail and stumble. What's been your biggest challenge?
Dedicating time to learn technology. Scalability. Although both these challenges transformed Wealthy Woman Warrior™ into the collaborative platform it is today. Women are trying to reinvent the wheel; I know I was. There were plenty of times I wanted to give up. Knowing what I know about how far behind women are in technology and how much our online space will change in the next two years, I knew this was the path I needed to go. Collaborating with other women, providing a scalable way to grow businesses and delivering proven relatable content to reach one's potential all came together because of these stumbles!

How do you recharge your woman batteries?
My proprietary mindset work is what I use: Every – Single – Day. People think that when they stop to recharge, they'll create motivation to keep going. Motivation is only what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.

Your mantra — or mantras?
What you say to yourself in the privacy of your own mind is what counts. Develop your mind, learn to train your thinking to work for you. Your thoughts are what lead you to results. If your brain is glitching on negative thoughts, use tools to reset it immediately. You're in control.

Photographer: John Trigiani