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“Helping people live a life well-planned.” De A. Colson

You’ve been a financial advisor and in the wealth management industry for more than 30 years. With that kind of longevity, what do you see as your mission?
My mission as a Financial Advisor in Toronto is to help my clients enhance, protect and sustain their wealth. I do this by simplifying complexity, really caring about their needs and goals, and by being tenacious and relentless in advocating for them.  De A. Colson

You’ve experienced the financial industry from a very personal perspective. Can you share your story?
Sure, I’ve been the family steward in the care of my parents. The responsibilities, challenges and joys of elder care have really influenced and shaped my practice. They have taught me to think about things from a future-focused point of view particularly when it comes to elder care responsibilities. I can help clients define a calm and realistic plan to meet their own future financial needs and choices.  De A. Colson

When you sit down with a client, how do you define wealth? It’s such an open-ended concept.
That’s true. What it means to be wealthy can vary greatly. For this reason, my team and I begin every client relationship by establishing a clear and mutual understanding. First, we seek to understand how they perceive wealth. We then share our perspective, defined by our Eight Dimensions of Wealth™. This powerful compass allows us to explore eight separate dimensions that can affect a family’s wealth in positive or negative ways. Opportunities to enhance wealth can present themselves at any time. The same is true of threats. Goals and objectives change, as do the timeframes within which they are to be achieved.  De A. Colson

What is it like being a woman in a male-dominated industry? 
I have always found success by not comparing myself to my male colleagues. I don’t pay much attention to whether the financial industry is male-dominated or not. I simply try to be a professional, approachable person. I’ve worked hard to open doors for myself. That said, I am grateful to those who have respected my values and accomplishments and helped open doors even further for me.  De A. Colson

Where do you see yourself in five years?
Doing exactly what I am doing — working with clients who want to be successful in the management of their wealth. I am never bored in my work because I sincerely enjoy and care about each client and I get to work with respected and accomplished people. That’s something I never want to give up!  De A. Colson

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