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Cynthia Mason - Distinctive Women - Ottawa

“My firm is built on connecting with real people and making a difference.” Cynthis Mason

You’ve got quite an inspirational story about how you started your firm. Care to share?
“Sure! Until February 2014, I’d worked for 13 years for two large Canadian legal firms. I was on maternity leave with my son when the law firm I had been working for suddenly went out of business. I found myself with a five-month-old baby, no job to return to and a long list of clients who were depending on me to protect their trademarks. I didn’t even need to think – I jumped at the opportunity to start my own law firm, rolled up my sleeves and got to work at making it happen in a very short time frame. And do you know what? That big obstacle turned out to be one of the best things that ever happened to me.” Cynthia Mason




How did you overcome the fear and anxiety that goes with job loss?
“I’m a positive person by nature. My partner thinks it’s funny that I see everything with rose-colored glasses. But positivity is not enough to always move forward. I think the biggest thing that has helped me is having a very clear vision for my business and my life. Everything I have achieved so far I have envisioned and worked hard to make happen.” Cynthia Mason

When you work for yourself, you have a different outlook than when you’re an employee. How has it changed you?
“When I was working at my first big law firm, it used to be, ‘I’m taking what they’re giving, cause I’m working for a living.’ (I know, more of a song than a mantra!) But since leaving that environment more than five years ago, I haven’t needed motivation. I love the business that I have built, and the work is exactly what I want to be doing. My life isn’t about billable hours, or 12-hour workdays being worn like a badge of honor. I’ve carefully built my business to be about connecting with real people and making a difference in their business.” Cynthia Mason

So, for anyone who doesn’t know, what exactly does a lawyer in trademark law do?
“I help businesses of all sizes and stages protect their brands. I created my specialty trademark law firm to better connect with clients and provide personalized expert help. I’m proud to partner with some amazing businesses in diverse industries to provide expert legal advice in protecting their brands. But I’m also not your stereotypical lawyer. Yes, I’m a detail-freak, and I love building and following a carefully designed process to achieve a result, but I’m warm, friendly and real.” Cynthia Mason

What’s been the key to success for you, aside from your sunny ways?
“Hands down it’s having a great community of mentors and supporters. You can’t possibly excel at every skill that is needed to grow a business, and so you need to talk it out with and learn from people who have accomplished what you are trying to do.” Cynthia Mason

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Photographer: Lindsey Gibeau

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