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“For your company to thrive, your people must thrive.”

You started your leadership coaching business fifteen years ago and it’s grown to include performance improvement coaching, coaching high impact teams and a huge range of certifications and additional tools. What has your journey been like?

I started my coaching practice in 2004, while living in England and then I relaunched it in 2006 when I moved back to Montreal. I coach executives one on one, I lead group coaching programs on how to use coaching as a leadership style and I contribute to the success of organizations by helping leaders build coaching cultures. So far, my career has brought me experiences in Canada, Europe, Mexico, the Caribbean, the US and the Middle East!

Like a lot of women in business, you started with very little and had to hustle to become established.
Yes, that’s right. I started my practice while my boys were still toddlers and my husband had and still has a demanding executive career. Life knocked us to our knees on many occasions. For the first couple of years I sat down everyday, opened the Yellow Pages and cold-called to make appointments with new clients. I joined networking groups and volunteered for professional organizations. I collaborated with others and over time figured out the best business model for working independently on some projects and with colleagues on others. I’ve had my fair share of mistakes, that is for sure.

That’s probably true of many entrepreneurs. How did you handle ‘life lessons’ thrown your way?
I take them one at a time and figure out what lessons I must take away from each. This way, I learn from my mistakes, forgive myself and move on. When faced with the hard knocks of life, I choose to stay strong and positive in the face of bad luck. I make it my mission to forgive life and trust it again and again. In doing so, I choose faith, courage and ultimately, peace and happiness.

What is the key to staying positive and always moving forward?
To believe that your work is in service to humanity.

What would you say is your differentiator in the coaching industry?
I support my clients by drawing on an extensive background in corporate coaching, transformational leadership development, leadership and change management, conflict resolution styles, communication skills, personal well being and leading-edge psychometric tools. My clients are the kind of people who agree that for their company to thrive, their people must thrive. As the business grows, I bring on more and more people to help me so that I can concentrate on being in service while I let others help me by doing what they are great at.

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