25 Tips on How to Increase Your Executive Presence And Stand Out as A Leader

Guest Post by Diane Craig of Corporate Class Inc.

Executive Presence – what is it? Well, it’s neither exclusive nor elusive, which means you can get it! People aren’t “born” with Executive Presence. Yes, for some it comes more naturally because they inheritably express certain characteristics that are closely linked to Executive Presence. However, for those who do not exhibit these characteristics, there is no need to fret. Executive Presence can absolutely be learned, although it is important to keep in mind that it is a process, not an event. Developing your Executive Presence takes time, hard work and dedication, but in the end, it will set you apart from all others at the table.

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Why You Need To Drop The Superwoman Cape

Guest Post by Eleanor Beaton, Women’s Leadership Coach

This article originally appeared in Atlantic Business Magazine — Atlantic Canada’s Premeire Business Publication

Stephanie is a thirty-something woman on the brink. 

She has a young child, a growing business and back pain that. Just. Won’t. Quit.

Her doctor has told her that back surgery is just around the corner. Her physiotherapist has advised her to exercise four times a week. As if. 

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Guest Post by Eleanor Beaton, Women’s Leadership Coach

Dierdre is an office superstar.

She accomplishes the work of three people in half the time, never misses a deadline, and has her clients eating out of her hand.

So her boss rewards her with way more responsibility and a teeny bit more pay…

…which Deirdre accepts because she thinks she has to.

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6 Signs You’re Suffering From The Ambitious Woman’s Dilemma

Guest Post By Eleanor Beaton, Women’s Leadership Coach

Beth is a rising star in her company – impressive degrees, smart as a whip, funny and eminently promotable. Her boss sends her on important business trips to fun places, she always makes her quarterly bonus and her ability to close deals inspires awe in her colleagues.

In short, Beth has it all going on. Just ask anyone who knows her.

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