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Why You Need To Drop The Superwoman Cape

Guest Post by Eleanor Beaton, Women’s Leadership Coach

This article originally appeared in Atlantic Business Magazine — Atlantic Canada’s Premeire Business Publication

Stephanie is a thirty-something woman on the brink. 

She has a young child, a growing business and back pain that. Just. Won’t. Quit.

Her doctor has told her that back surgery is just around the corner. Her physiotherapist has advised her to exercise four times a week. As if. 

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Hillary And Anna: A Match Made In Style Heaven

Guest Post by Diane Craig, President and Founder, Corporate Class Inc.

Hillary Clinton: the first female presidential nominee in the United States. What an astounding achievement! Whether you like Hillary or not, there is no denying that her passion, hard work and expertise have all aligned to help get her where she stands today. She has had, of course, other tools at her disposal, such as wealth, power and Bill Clinton by her side, and lets not forget, fashion.

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The 7 Lies You Need To Quit Telling Yourself

Guest Post by Eleanor Beaton, Women’s Leadership Coach

I spent most of my 20s in a state of denial.

The dazzling, sparkling life I spent my teenage years dreaming about was a galaxy away.

My day-to-day reality wasn’t quite as refined as I’d imagined it would be. I was broke, I lived in a lovely but crooked old house that required more care than I could afford, and I was a freelance writer, not the supermodel/investment banker I expected I would be.

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Distinctive Women In Touch – Interview With Lisa Larter

Welcome to the new Distinctive Women In Touch Interview Series! Below is our first interview for the series is with Lisa Larter.

Lisa Larter is an entrepreneur, business coach, speaker, and author. She dropped out of high school and then worked her way up the corporate ladder until she became and entrepreneur in 2006. Since then, she has built and sold companies and generated millions of dollars in sales. Most of the time she is helping others develop strategies to build profitable businesses. She understands business strategy, and how to leverage social media by turning connections into paying customers.

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Introducing Sue Norton – Distinctive Women IGNITE Panelist!

Sue Norton believes that to be a successful entrepreneur, you need to be living your passions and making a contribution to your community. She just happens to have several passions – technology, fashion, rock ‘n roll and philanthropy.

“I love all of these things. It seemed like a natural fit to create businesses that merged my love of fashion and technology with my love of promoting kindness.”

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