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6 Signs You’re Suffering From The Ambitious Woman’s Dilemma

Guest Post By Eleanor Beaton, Women’s Leadership Coach

Beth is a rising star in her company – impressive degrees, smart as a whip, funny and eminently promotable. Her boss sends her on important business trips to fun places, she always makes her quarterly bonus and her ability to close deals inspires awe in her colleagues.

In short, Beth has it all going on. Just ask anyone who knows her.

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Distinctive Women In Touch – Interview With Lisa Larter

Welcome to the new Distinctive Women In Touch Interview Series! Below is our first interview for the series is with Lisa Larter.

Lisa Larter is an entrepreneur, business coach, speaker, and author. She dropped out of high school and then worked her way up the corporate ladder until she became and entrepreneur in 2006. Since then, she has built and sold companies and generated millions of dollars in sales. Most of the time she is helping others develop strategies to build profitable businesses. She understands business strategy, and how to leverage social media by turning connections into paying customers.

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