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Anna Beaudry | Anna Beaudry Photographic Design | Vancouver, British Colombia, CanadaAnna Beaudry
Anna Beaudry Photographic Design, Vancouver, BC

"Express yourself!"
Based in Vancouver, BC, Anna is a creative, passionate photographer who believes that a strong self-image will help women boldly succeed in any market. She liberates women’s self-expression by capturing their power and strength in photographs, giving them confidence to shine and claim their place in the world!

Kathie Donovan | Inspiration in Action | Ottawa, Ontario, CanadaKathie Donovan
Inspiration in Action, Ottawa, ON

"Each one of us is in charge of our own successes and failures."
In her adopted hometown of Ottawa, ON, Kathie is broadcasting royalty, having won the hearts of viewers and listeners for over three decades. A celebrated author and sought-after public speaker, she is passionate about helping women at home, at work and in their relationships.

Susan Fulford, LL.B, MBA, FEA | Toronto, Ontario, CanadaSusan Fulford, LL.B, MBA, FEA
Toronto, ON

"Preserving family legacies is a passion of mine."
Based in Toronto, ON Susan is a Certified Retirement Specialist who helps her clients realize strategic efficiencies to secure their legacies. She is also deeply committed to cancer awareness and encourages purposeful philanthropy.

Lynda Hay, VP, CFP, CDFA, EPC | Hay Wealth Advisory Group, TD Wealth | Ottawa, Ontario, CanadaLynda Hay, VP, CFP, CDFA, EPC
Hay Wealth Advisory Group, TD Wealth, Calgary, AB

"This is a relationship business, first and foremost."
Native Calgarian, Lynda Hay, is an Investment Advisor and Certified Retirement Specialist who creates comprehensive, collaborative solutions that reflect each of her clients' needs. Building strong, trusting relationships is the cornerstone of her business.

Sandra Leigh | Sandra Leigh Incorporated | Toronto, Ontario, CanadaSandra Leigh
Sandra Leigh Incorporated, Toronto, ON

"The one message I deliver to my clients is: Live your life and follow your passion."
Based in Toronto, ON, Sandra is an inspiring professional speaker, writer, consultant and coach who helps individuals and organizations seek better employee engagement and heightened responsibility. "What drives me is making a difference in someone’s life. I find their passion and help them go after it!"

Jenn Lofgren, CHRP, CPCC, PCC | Incito Consulting Inc. | Calgary, Alberta, CanadaJenn Lofgren, CHRP, CPCC, PCC
Incito Consulting Inc., Calgary, AB

"I help my clients realize the unique leadership qualities within them."
Based in Calgary, AB, with over 16 years' experience, Jenn is a successful Leadership and Executive Coach who believes that motivated teams are an organization's greatest asset. Her focus is to develop inspirational and visionary leaders that others are inspired to follow.

Candace Markovich, CPA, CMA | The Mason Group | Toronto, Ontario, CanadaCandace Markovich, CPA, CMA
The Mason Group, Toronto, ON

"My personal satisfaction comes from helping professionals find their perfect fit."
Based in Toronto, ON, Candace and her 27-person strategic search team have a sixth sense when it comes to scouting for that rare breed of Finance and Accounting professionals who can marry the numbers with business operations to drive results. They match them with the company that will most benefit from their skill of finding creative solutions to help an organization grow its bottom line.

Colleen O'Connell-Campbell, CFP, CIM, CFDA | ScotiaMcLeod | Ottawa, Ontario, CanadaColleen O'Connell-Campbell, CFP, CIM, CFDA
ScotiaMcLeod, Ottawa, ON

"The key to success is to listen — really listen — to what your client needs."
Based in Ottawa, ON, Colleen is a ScotiaMcLeod Senior Wealth Advisor to a large group of clients that includes men and women who are financial decision-makers. Outside of the office, she works closely with Women for Mental Health, an initiative of The Royal Ottawa Foundation for Mental Health.

Merrill Pierce, CCA ICF ADR-mediator - Council Chair | MPSquared Coaching Canada-Insight Council Inc. | Toronto, Ontario, CanadaMerrill Pierce, CCA ICF ADR-mediator – Council Chair
MPSquared Coaching Canada-Insight Council Inc., Toronto, ON

"I focus on mindful leadership."
Based in Toronto, ON, and in the industry since 1998, Merrill has become the go-to coach who makes good business leaders into great ones. She is also the Toronto chair of The Insight Council, a CEO peer advisory group that encourages business leaders to be adaptable, to think about what they’re doing and to respond, instead of react.